Immigrants And Refugees

How Catholic Charities Uses Your Gifts

Photo of volunteer giving to another Your gifts help our New York neighbors in need—non-Catholic and Catholic alike. In addition to meeting immediate needs, your gifts help to empower those we serve by offering tools that foster independence.

Since 1917 Catholic Charities of New York has stood at the forefront in helping solve the problems of New Yorkers of all religions or no religion at all. In any given year:


  • More than 55,000 children participate in afterschool programs and wholesome sports.
  • We provide more than 5.1 million meals to hungry New Yorkers.
  • Tens of thousands of children, parents, and individuals are kept from becoming homeless.
  • Catholic Charities provides counseling, emergency assistance, training, and resources to more than 90,000 families in crisis.
  • Catholic Charities offers early intervention and substance abuse and mental health treatment along with adaptive training to more than 43,000 physically and emotionally challenged children and adults, including the visually and hearing impaired.
  • We welcome, integrate, and provide legal and employment support to close to 70,000 new Americans who came to our shores seeking safety and opportunity.

Photo of children wearing coats
In every season throughout the year, Catholic Charities serves the poor and vulnerable throughout the Archdiocese of New York. Now, as housing prices skyrocket and entry-level wages stagnate, your gifts will help us provide help and create hope for our neighbors in need.

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